Academic Affairs

Curriculum Committee

About the Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee is comprised of course directors from each strand of the Helix Curriculum, as well as student representatives, the director of Academic Affairs and the associate dean for Academic Affairs. The Committee provides an annual written report to the Dental Faculty Council. All actions of the Committee are operational unless they involve conflicts with general faculty policy or with administrative policy.

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for:

  1. Developing and periodically updating the set of competencies expected of DDS and IDS students.
  2. Ensuring that curricular resources such as time, space, and facilities are suitable and are distributed to maximize student competency.
  3. Developing and implementing policies that are consistent and fair and that promote student competency.
  4. Regularly reviewing developments in dentistry and related fields, and performance of students so that the curriculum anticipates the changing competencies of dentists.
  5. Determining the quarterly academic schedule and advising on the annual academic calendar.
  6. Investigating innovating and distinctive components of the educational program.

Each residency program (Advanced Education in General Dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery) and the dental hygiene program have a separate curriculum committees, but oversight is provided by the associate dean for Academic Affairs.