Years of Service Recognition

Formal acknowledgment of years of service was launched in 2011 to recognize staff and faculty members who have reached specific anniversaries in their employment at Pacific. The Employee Recognition Committee sponsors a yearly luncheon to honor and thank these employees who have reached employment milestones.

In 2015, the following employees were recognized and celebrated for their years of service:

5 Years

Dr. Kalid Aziz
Raymond Clark
Martha Cuellar
Dr. Thomas Ellerhorst
Dr. Bernadette Fa
Amanda Glasscock
Jommel Gutierrez
Elaine Hackenkamp
Dr. Josef Huang
Caridad Madarang
Dr. Kimberly Mahood
Mary Ann Malimban
Sandra Mannix
Andy Meono
Dr. Steven Sadowsky
Estrellita Tandoc
Chris Varma
Georzette Walker
Dr. Benjamin Zeitlin

10 Years

Andrew Akwo
Brian Blanchard
Emmanuel Boyd
Sharon Bura
Suzanne Camp
Daniel Castaneda
Marcia Kwan
Dr. Maritza Mendez
Dr. Hee Soo Oh
Tanya Pulanco
Michelle Robino
Jasmin Saavedra
Dr. Eric Salmon
Dr. Richard White
Igor Zherebitskiy

15 Years 

Dr. Leigh Anderson
Alex Benito
Maria Bran
Marco Castellanos
Dr. Elisa Chavez Luna
Adrian Hernandez
Dr. Lisa Itaya
Dr. Brian Kenyon
Sinead O'Brien
Robert Pullinger
Raybel Ramos
Dr. Marie Tolarova
Rosa Vargas
Dr. Jeff Wood

20 Years

Marietta Daniel
Cindy Lam Mar
Jack Morris
Dr. Gary Richards

25 Years

Teresita Arenas
Dr. Nejat Duzgunes
Dr. Alan Gluskin
Geneva Gonzales
Dr. Pat King
Robert Ridout

30 Years

Dr. Bahram Javid
Dr. Jane Wright-Hayes

35 Years

Dr. Roy Bergstrom
Remedios Lagman