Health and Wellness Committee

Our Mission

As the Health and Wellness Committee, we aim to meet the ever-changing needs and interests of faculty and staff and the campus community by providing quality programs, services and facilities that are comprehensive and inclusive. We create environments and opportunities that foster teamwork, collaboration and instill a sense of community. We promote physical fitness, healthy habits and balanced behaviors, improving the overall wellness of participants.

In fulfilling this mission, we support and complement the institution's core values, and make significant contributions to the University's culture of excellence.


Weekly Walk (Thursdays)
Time: 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm
Contact: Marco Castellanos (x56498), or Kara Bell (x56454)
Location: Meet on C-Level, patient entrance
Add a walk into your workout/fitness plan. This aggressively-paced walk is a great way to add a lower-impact cardiovascular component to your exercise. 4 to 5 miles round trip.

Boot Camp (Wednesdays)
Time: 5:15 pm (warm up) to 6:45 pm
Contact: Dr. Marc Geissberger (mgeissberger@pacific.edu)
Location: See room scheduler for room assignments.
Dr. Marc Geissberger takes participants through exercise and weight training appropriate for each individual's fitness level and goals. 

 Active for Life Challenge

Active for Life at Pacific

What is Active For Life?

  • Flexible, 10-week team-based worksite physical activity program
  • Team-based approach, with ability to set individual goals
  • Receive a point for each minute of physical activity — counts toward individual and team goals
  • Participants, Team Captains, and Directors provide encouragement to succeed
  • Based on the Stages of Change Theory and the American Cancer Society (ACS) Guidelines for Physical Activity  


Committee Members
Raybel Ramos
Gabriela Pitigoi-Aron
Kara Bell
Marco Castellanos
Marc Geissberger
Margo Landy
Armando Ortega
Noelle Santucci