Current Students and Residents

Winter Quarter 2016 Selectives

DDS and IDS Classes of 2016


CHANGES DUE TO THE SUPERBOWL 50 WEEK (these changes are reflected in RED on all documents):

Selectives cancelled:
1)  The Ins and Outs of a Dental Lab - Feb. 3
2)  Porcelain Repair & Overlay Crown Prep - Feb. 4

Selectives date changes:
1)  Advanced Skills Simulation Workshop, Session 2 only: moved from Feb. 2 to Feb. 16
2)  Jaws Relations & vertical lecture: session 2 moved to Feb. 8 and session 3 moved to Feb. 22
3)  Laser Dentistry: moved from Feb. 4 to Feb. 11
4)  How to become President of ADA and why?:  moved from Jan. 21 to Feb. 25 in room 322

Room Change:
Developing a Successful Relationship w/Dental Lab, Thursday, January 28 has moved to room 322.

Students in the graduating classes are required to take one selective during the winter quarter of their senior year. A student may take as many courses as he/she wishes provided there is no time or other conflict. Participation in the Invisalign™ course in the summer or autumn of 2015 fulfills your senior-level selective course requirement.

If you are still interested in taking another selective and it's still open, just go to the selective and write your name in the ADD-ON section of the roster and you will receive credit!


1)  FINAL Master Lists (DDS and IDS)
2)  Winter quarter 2016 selective offerings list
3)  A monthly calendar showing the meeting dates/times and rooms of all selectives. Students should check periodically for any date/time and/or room changes. Changes will be in RED on all forms.

Note: If you received an "incomplete" grade for a selective(s), you can make up the selective(s) by taking an additional selective(s) this winter quarter 2016.  When we receive the rosters and see that you attended the selective(s), the incomplete selective(s) will be removed.
If you name is in Italics, Academic Affairs didn't received a selective registration form and chose a selective for you.

All selective courses are offered on a credit/"F" basis only. The dental school does not have a "no credit" grading option. Selective courses become part of your dental school transcript.