Current Students and Residents

Student Research Opportunities

Student research is an important activity for students and faculty mentors. Engaging in research provides students with a fresh perspective on dental practice and oral health, enables students to investigate areas of interest, builds assets for postgraduate programs and furthers the mission of our school to discover and disseminate knowledge.

Students participate in research during their tenure at Pacific Dugoni, with possibilities to earn credits through the personalized instruction program (PIP) or the Student Research elective. Typically, students learn about research opportunities during their first year and engage in research in their second year and partly during their Senior year. The research projects and the faculty mentors may be found through this link. Faculty mentors can work with the students to apply for pilot research funding through the Research Committee.

Participation in Scientific Meetings

Many students present their research at our annual Excellence Day, and also compete for the opportunity to present their projects and receive expense-paid trips to scientific meetings, such as the ADA/DENTSPLY research competition, the DENTSPLY/Caulk competition at the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) annual meeting, the American Dental Education Association annual session and exhibition, the Hinman Student Research Symposium, the California Dental Association scientific session in Anaheim and meetings of specialty organizations.

Student Research Group

Students involved in research are encouraged to join the Pacific Dugoni Student Research Group, which is a chapter of the AADR National Student Research Group (NSRG), a student-run organization whose main purpose is to foster an environment in every dental school whereby students interested in enriching their dental education through research are encouraged to do so. The Group organizes seminars to introduce faculty research to students, and to facilitate critical thinking.