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Orthodontic Clinic Fees & Payment Plans

At your initial visit, our financial managers will discuss with you the total costs involved for the proposed orthodontic treatment. Our fees for orthodontic care, approximately 30% less than private orthodontic practices in the area, vary according to the specific treatment rendered.

If you have orthodontic coverage, we will assist you in processing your insurance claim form when your treatment begins. We will accept all insurance except for HMOs. We also accept California Children's Services (CCS) and Denti-Cal patients.

Several payment plans are available:

Option A: Capital One Healthcare Finance Plan

  • No initial down payment
  • Extended payment plans up to 18 months available
  • Prepayments allowed anytime
  • Fast, convenient service by phone: toll-free number 877.559.5050

Option B: Payment in Full (cash/check or credit card)

A 5% discount bookkeeping credit will be given if payment in full is made at the time that treatment starts.

Option C: Interest-Free Payment Plan

An initial down payment with the balance paid in interest-free equal monthly installments. For your convenience we offer automatic withdrawal from your checking account or automatic charges to your credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

If you decide to proceed with treatment, we will schedule a records appointment at which time a financial agreement will be completed and the person financially responsible for the account must be present. This agreement will specify all of your rights and responsibilities and will describe the financial arrangements for treatment in our clinic.

If you need other dental procedures, such as fillings, oral surgery, cleanings, etc., you may have your dental care completed by your family dentist, or we can refer you to one of the other dental clinics at the school. The costs of patient services performed by other non-orthodontic personnel are charged by the clinic providing the service. We encourage you to continue your routine dental checkups throughout your orthodontic care.