Design & Photo Services
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Design & Photo Services

Need a brochure, display or catalog? Do you need access to some of the great photography we have on file? Have questions about the proper use of the school logo and colors? The Department of Design and Photo Services has the knowledge and tools to help you accomplish your communications goals.

Our team's objective is to create concise, attractive media that convey your message clearly, while adhering to the visual identity standards of the dental school and the University. We work with you to create your materials and offer prompt delivery to your intended audiences, whether in print or electronic formats. Our team is highly qualified, with degrees in visual communications and more than 70 years of combined experience. Chances are good that if you see a publication with the dental school logo on it, we had a hand in producing it.

We are located at the dental school on the fourth floor. To contact us, call x56584 or email Joan Yokom, director, at jyokom@pacific.edu.