Faculty and Research

Benefits of Working Here

Our school has been recognized as a major resource for dental education throughout its long history. The dental school is one of eight professional schools in the University and exemplifies the University's vision by placing students first, offering distinctive programs and preparing graduates to immediately begin their practice. We enjoy an international reputation for educating dentists who go well beyond competence, often becoming leaders in the field and in their communities.

Our Academic Programs

  • 36-month DDS program enrolling approximately 145 students per class
  • 24-month DDS program in International Dental Studies enrolling 22 students per class
  • 36-month baccalaureate program in dental hygiene enrolling approximately 24 students per class
  • 27-month certificate program in Orthodontics enrolling eight residents per class
  • 48-month certificate program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery enrolling three residents per class
  • 12-month certificate program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry located in Union City and Stockton, enrolling a total of 13 residents per class.

Our Culture

One of the biggest benefits of working at the dental school is the culture of the organization. When you join the school as a student, staff, or faculty member, you become part of our extended family. This family relationship extends to all aspects of the program and is celebrated through numerous activities and events that allow everyone to come together and get to know each other as individuals. The magic of our school really is in our people.

Our People


The dental school accepts its DDS class from a pool of approximately 3,000 applicants, and the GPA and DAT credentials of accepted candidates are consistently among the top five schools in the nation. Our student retention rate is extremely high, as are the pass rates on National Board and initial licensure examinations. One in four DDS graduates is accepted into postdoctoral education.

Students have a strong voice in their education, and have a presence on virtually all committees. Approximately 15% of students participate in student government.

Our Faculty and Staff

Currently, our dental school has 127 full-time equivalent (FTE) faculty members which includes 49 full-time (four-day per week) faculty members and nine full-time administrators. In addition, 102 adjunct (volunteer) faculty members provide approximately 13% of the instruction.

The research budget of the school has been approximately $2 million annually, most of it from program grants in community outreach and care for patients with disabilities. Although research has not been the primary focus of the school, scholarship is expected and strongly encouraged.

Faculty governance is important at our school, with an extensive and effective faculty committee structure including a University academic council and an active Dental Faculty Council.

The dental school also employs a staff of more than 200 managerial, trade, technical, clinical and administrative employees. They are active contributors, playing a critical role in the educational experience of our students.