Faculty and Research

Clinical Micro CT for Endodontic Outcomes

Dr. Christine Peters

Surgical endodontic therapy requires detailed knowledge of anatomical relationships of root apices and structures such as the mandibular canal and the maxillary sinus. The potential of computed tomography to supplement periapical radiographs in preoperative diagnostics has been demonstrated when determining the true extent of an apical periodontitis lesion. An ongoing study aims at assessing the value of cone beam CT (CBCT) for diagnostics and follow-up in endodontic surgery.

At this point, we have scanned 45 patients preoperatively, and we are collecting postoperative data using our Accuitomo CBCT scanner. The first evaluation of patients who had completed their recalls looked at discrete data for visibility of structures and bone deposition as a sign for healing. We then compare the postoperative and preoperative scans to assess evident changes.

The second phase of the project attempts to assess changes in the periapical region after surgery quantitatively. For that, areas of interest will be scribed into the data sets after superimposing pre- and postoperative data onto each other. All the current material was recorded with the first version of the Accuitomo scanner, but the recently installed flat panel detector appears to provide much higher data quality. Further projects are planned to evaluate the performance of this system in comparison to other CT systems (e.g. i-CAT) as well as regular radiographs.

Dr. Christine Peters, cpeters@pacific.edu, 415.351.7120