Faculty and Research

Gene Therapy of Colon an dLiver Cancer via Non-Viral Vectors

Dr. Nejat Düzgünes

We are collaborating with Dr. C. Tros de Ilarduya on the use of targeted non-viral vectors for gene therapy of colon and liver cancers in animal models.


  • C. Tros de Ilarduya, M. Buñuales, C. Qian and N. Düzgünes (2006) Antitumoral activity of transferrin-lipoplexes carrying the IL-12 gene in the treatment of colon cancer. J. Drug Targeting 14:527-535.
  • L. Garcia, M. Buñuales, N. Düzgünes and C. Tros de Ilarduya (2007) Serum-resistant lipopolyplexes for gene delivery to liver tumour cells. Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 67:58-66.

Dr. Dr. Nejat Düzgünes, nduzgune@pacific.edu, 415.929.6565