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Other Research Topics

Dr. Anders Nattestad

Bone Grafting

In this area my research interest involves bone grafting materials such as autograft, allografts and xenografts, including the use of stem cells to grow patients’ own bone in a lab and reimplant later.

Computers in Pedagogy

Early research was focused on the use of computers and Internet for learning at the time when the Internet was still new. Later, somewhat more sophisticated studies were done on virtual classrooms and virtual patients. My interests and goals are to develop the use of more advanced virtual patients, virtual learning environments and virtual reality simulation for surgical training, including multicasting large surgeries and podcasting minor procedures and instructional material for just-in-time learning.

Dental Implant Surgery

I am interested in implant design and surface technology that have clinical significance for the outcome of treatment. We are investigating the possibility of using ConeBeam CT scanning in the planning and the use of three-dimensional computer-generated guides in the implementation.

Endodontic Surgery

Research interests include techniques for sectioning the root tip and materials filling of the cavity. Future studies may be in the area of ultrasonic instrumentation and newer filling materials.

Orthognathic Surgery

In early studies, I investigated soft and hard tissue changes following genioplasty, and pulpal necrosis following Le Fort I osteotomies. I was interested in the precision of orthognathic surgery, with a focus on the difference between the surgical plan and the surgical result. Two of the more important findings from this early work were the effect of the use of different reference lines and points during the planning and the execution of plan, and of the prediction of mandibular autorotation.

More recent research interests include the possibility of using ConeBeam CT scanning to do planning and prediction studies, and then being able to track movement of the mandible in three dimensions. Another new interest is to follow the three-dimensional changes in soft tissues in response to bony movement.

Dr. Anders Nattestad, anattestad@pacific.edu, 415.351.7191