Commencement Speeches 2010

Dean Patrick Ferrillo

I know you have strong values because you would not have been able to overcome the challenges that you had to face throughout your academic life, especially here at Pacific Dugoni. Those values came from the people in this room — your parents, your grandparents, your aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. Download the full text (PDF) >>

President Pamela Eibeck

I urge you to follow the humanistic approach for a lifetime... Stay connected with one another and with Pacific, and stay connected to your communities. Use your education to transform the lives of other people in ways large and small. Work to improve the health of our country and our world. From here on out, graduates, the world you get will be the one you make. Download the full text (PDF) >>

Dr. Phillip N. Gilbertson

You need maturity and understanding and compassion and you learned some of that right here at Pacific Dugoni. Whole person learning means you have a broader perspective on your life as a professional. Download the full text (PDF) >>

Rebecca McConkie, DDS Valedictorian

I realized that no matter how much hard work we've put in, being a doctor is a privilege that only our patients and our community can bestow on us. For it is in their trust and dependence that our profession lies. Download the full text (PDF) >>

James Galea, IDS Valedictorian

For most of us international students, this move was not an easy task. Professional jobs had to be abandoned and family had to be left behind. Achieving our goal did not only involve doing well in school but also adjusting to a new environment, sometimes with limited help from family and old friends. These have been a challenging two years, but the greater the challenge the greater the feeling of self-fulfillment. Download the full text (PDF) >>