Commencement Speeches 2014

Graduating Class of 2014
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Dean Patrick Ferrillo

Dean Ferrillo

People ask me, "What is oral healthcare going to be like in the future, what is healthcare going to be like in the future?"  I have no idea, but I know what we have here is a group of young people who have the skills and intelligence to embrace the change and even lead the change. Download the full text (PDF) >>


Provost Maria G. Pallavicini

Pallavicini Class of 2014, I applaud the commitment to those in need, and I urge you to continue. Keep dreaming big. Keep working hard. Keep helping others. Make the world a brighter and healthier place. Download the full text (PDF) >>

Dr. Kristy Rogers, DDS Valedictorian


 I am proud to be a part of a class of individuals filled with so much compassion, integrity, intelligence, amazing clinical skills, patience, ingenuity and the list continues. UOP was the right ride for us. Download the full text (PDF) >>


Dr. Cristina Hernandez, IDS Valedictorian


I would like to quote Pope Pius XII in what to me is the best definition of dentistry. He said "Dentistry is a profession that demands from those that dedicate themselves to it: the esthetic eye of an artist, the manual dexterity of a surgeon, the scientific knowledge of a doctor and the patience of a monk". We should all be proud to be a part one of the most beautiful, giving and rewarding professions. Download the full text (PDF) >>