Human Resources
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Employee Benefits

Pacific is committed to providing a wide range of programs and services as benefits to employment with University of the Pacific.

Please click on the links below for more information.

2015 Open Enrollment Information - Flexible Spending Plans/Delta Health Systems

Health Care FSA (PDF, 1780K)
2015 Maximum: $2,500.
Note: If you have elected a Pacific or Kaiser High Deductible Plan with Health Saving Account (HSA) for 2015 you can not contribute to a Health Care Flex Spending Plan in 2015.
Transit and Parking FSA (PDF, 863K)
2015 Maximums: Parking $250 per month; Transit $130 per month

2015 Open Enrollment Information - Medical Plans

2015 Kaiser HMO (PDF, 323K)
2015 Kaiser HMO High Deductible w HSA (PDF, 326K)
2015 Kaiser HSA Q&A (PDF, 83K)
2015 Pacific Medical Plan EPO (PDF, 327K)
2015 Pacific Medical Plan Find A Provider (PDF, 2055K)
2015 Pacific Medical Plan High Deductible w HSA (PDF, 325K)
2015 Pacific Medical Plan PPO (PDF, 330K)
2015 Union Staff Medical and Dental Rates (PDF, 47K)
Disclosure Form for High Deductible Plans (PDF, 161K)
Open Enrollment Flyer with rates (PDF, 227K)

2015 Open Enrollment Information - Prescription/Rx Plan

WellDyne Rx Brochure (PDF, 373K)
WellDyne Rx Mail Order Form (PDF, 246K)
WellDyne Rx Web Portal Instructions (PDF, 220K)
WellDyne Supplement to ID Card (PDF, 76K)

2015 Open Enrollment Information - Retirement/ TIAA-CREF

IRS 2015 Limits (PDF, 181K)

2015 Open Enrollment Information - Supplemental (Aflac, Vol Life Ins., TIAA CREF-GSRA)

Aflac Rates - 2015 (PDF, 174K)
New for 2015: Premiums are pre-taxed, payroll deductions.
Pacific Aflac Plans (PDF, 118K)
TIAA CREF Group Supplemental Retirement Account - Salary Reduction Agreement (PDF, 146K)
2015 IRS Maximums: Under age 50, $18,000; Age 50 or over can contribute an additional $6,000 ($24,000 combined).
Voluntary Life Insurance - Rate Sheet (PDF, 12K)

Benefit Enrollment Forms

2014 Benefit Enrollment/Change Form (PDF, 1372K)
2015 Enrollment/Change Form (PDF, 250K)
The 2015 Benefit Enrollment/Change form should be used for Open Enrollment 2015. Changes made on this form will be effective 1/1/15.

Benefit Essentials Guides

2014 Benefit Essentials (PDF, 1068K)
2014 Benefit Essentials (Union) (PDF, 1069K)

Benefit Summary

2014 Benefit Summary (PDF, 793K)
2014 Benefit Summary (Union) (PDF, 819K)

California Casualty Insurance

Credit Union - San Francisco Federal Credit Union

Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability (PDF, 21K)
Short Term Disability Form (PDF, 230K)
Short-Term Disability Plan - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 41K)
Short-Term Disability Plan Description - 2013 (PDF, 263K)

Employee Assistance Plan - ComPsych

ComPsych Brochure (PDF, 246K)
First-time users must enter EAPBusiness as company Web ID, and UNIVE as employer name.
24-hour Member Services Line: 1-877-595-5281

Employee Self-Service - InsidePacific

Employee Self-Service - InsidePacific (PDF, 3158K)

Flexible Spending Accounts - Delta Health Systems

"Benny" Benefits Card Information (PDF, 698K)
Commuter Benefits 2015 (PDF, 863K)
2015 monthly limits: $130/month for transit, $250/month for parking
Flex Medical Brochure (PDF, 1780K)
2015 annual limits: $2500 for medical, $5000 for dependent care
Flex Medical Letter (PDF, 351K)

Flexible Spending Accounts - HealthHub

HealthHub Health & Dependent Care Claim Form (PDF, 71K)
HealthHub Health & Dependent Care Program Flyer (PDF, 5596K)
2014 annual limits: $2500 for medical, $5000 for dependent care
HealthHub Transit & Parking Claim Form (PDF, 75K)
HealthHub Transit & Parking Program Flyer (PDF, 57K)
2014 monthly limits: $130/month for transit, $250/month for parking HealthHub-PayFlex Debit Card Flyer (PDF, 6029K)

Group Dental Insurance

2013 Delta Dental DHMO Summary (PDF, 2361K)
2013 Delta Dental PPO Summary (PDF, 690K)
2013 Delta HMO and PPO Plan Comparison (PDF, 2841K)

Group Medical Insurance

2013 Anthem HMO Summary (PDF, 47K)
2013 Anthem POS Summary (PDF, 61K)
2013 Kaiser North Summary (PDF, 94K)
Blue Cross HMO/POS Claim Form (PDF, 442K)
Blue Cross Member Quick Connect 2013 (PDF, 278K)

Holiday Schedule

2014 Holiday Schedule (PDF, 55K)
2015 Holiday Schedule (PDF, 61K)

Life Insurance

Assist America Brochure (PDF, 204K)
Assist America Service Descriptions (PDF, 1069K)
Life Insurance Beneficiary Form (PDF, 37K)
SunLife Life Insurance Summary (PDF, 128K)

Long Term Care

"Dignity for Life" booklet (PDF, 1765K)
Brochure - About Long Term Care (PDF, 786K)
CA Dept. of Aging Booklet (PDF, 3518K)

Retiree Insurance

2014 Retiree Coverage Rates (PDF, 73K)
Retiree Coverage Options (PDF, 78K)
Social Security and Medicare 2013 Presentation (PDF, 2093K)
Presentation from May 7, 2013

TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan

Agreement for Salary Reduction (PDF, 146K)
How to Enroll Online (PDF, 132K)

Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange

Tuition Exchange Program Form (PDF, 142K)
Tuition Exchange Program Information (PDF, 13K) Tuition Remission Application (PDF, 128K)
Tuition Remission Policy (PDF, 35K)

Vision Service Plan

2014 VSP Summary (PDF, 583K)
VSP Frames Discount - ends 12-31-15 (PDF, 1799K)