Human Resources
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Policies and Procedures

Policies, procedures and other employment-related resources are periodically revised to comply with changes to state and federal laws as well as to keep pace with generally accepted best practices.

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Employee Leaves

Family Medical Leave (PDF, 8K)

Policy Statements

Alcohol Consumption and Drug Use Policy (PDF, 102K)
Alcohol Consumption and Drug Use Policy - Students (PDF, 60K)
Alternative Work Schedule Arrangement - Request Form (PDF, 110K)
Cash Handling Policy (PDF, 49K)
Children in the Workplace (PDF, 58K)
Close Personal Relationships (PDF, 85K)
Nepotism Policy (PDF, 40K)
Payday Notice (PDF, 54K)
Professional Appearance Code (PDF, 86K)
Prohibited Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination (PDF, 174K)
Religious Holiday Observance (PDF, 51K)
Security and Anti-Violence Policy (PDF, 82K)
Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF, 104K)
Smoking in the Workplace (PDF, 65K)
Standard Performance Expectations (PDF, 81K)
Telecommuting Policy (PDF, 40K)
University Vehicle Use (PDF, 83K)
Volunteer Community Service (PDF, 57K)
Volunteer Community Service Request Form (PDF, 89K)

Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook (PDF, 483K)

Union Contract

2013-2016 Union Contract (PDF, 4763K)