Information Technology

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Information Technology
University of the Pacific
Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
155 Fifth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 415.929.6514
Email: pchelp@pacific.edu

Ramos, Raybel
Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Extension: 56517
Phone: 415.929.6517
E-mail: rramos@pacific.edu

Benito, Luis
Support Technician
Extension: 56521
Phone: 415.929.6521
E-mail: lbenito@pacific.edu

Cruz, Brenda
Information Technology Coordinator
Extension: 53327
Phone: 415.749.3327
E-mail: bcruz@pacific.edu

Finan, Rauri
Video Conferencing and Classroom Technology Specialist
Extension: 53326
Phone: 415.749.3326
E-mail: rfinan@pacific.edu

Hernandez, Adrian
Network Administrator
Extension: 53311

Kwong, Esther
Web Developer
Extension: 53312

Low, Curtis
System Administrator
Extension: 56523
Phone: 415.929.6523
E-mail: clow@pacific.edu

Lowe, Martin
Application Help Support
Extension: 56518
Phone: 415.929.6518
E-mail: mlowe@pacific.edu

Martino, Sandy
Training Coordinator & Help Desk Support
Extension: 56638
Phone: 415.929.6638
E-mail: smartino@pacific.edu

Salonga, Joseph
Support Technician
Extension: 57171
Phone: 415.351.7171
E-mail: jsalonga@pacific.edu

Zakharova, Svetlana (Lana)
Applications Systems Analyst
Extension: 57113