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Pacific Dugoni Celebrates ASDA Advocacy Week

February  21, 2014

As part of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Advocacy Week, the Pacific Dugoni ASDA chapter organized a series of events February 18-21 to encourage participation in advocacy work and spark conversations on legislative issues affecting dental students. Events included a discussion of controversial issues in dentistry led by Dr. James Wood, a presentation by Assemblymember Fiona Ma on her experience in business and politics, and an informational session on getting involved with ASDA Lobby Day.

On Thursday, February 20, the Pacific Dugoni ASDA chapter hosted a discussion with Assemblymember Fiona Ma, who was elected to represent California's 12th Assembly District from November 2006 to 2012. A Certified Public Accountant by training, she has a strong business background and first became involved in politics through her passion for advocating on behalf of small businesses. Her thoughtful lobbying has helped tackle human trafficking, advanced awareness of Hepatitis B, supported incarcerated domestic violence victims, secured rights for women and minority business owners, and removed toxic materials from children's toys.  

Fiona Ma

Ma encouraged dental students to be a voice for their profession and constituents. As experts in their field, dentists need to share their knowledge and opinions on oral health care matters with the political leaders who are representing the community. A self-described underdog who joined the political scene with little political background, but with sharp business acumen, Ma serves as a great example of how people with various professional backgrounds can use their skills to serve their communities.  

ASDA Advocacy Week is held leading up to the annual ASDA Lobby Day. Every year, several Pacific Dugoni students travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the ASDA Lobby Day, which brings together students from across the country to learn about issues that impact dental students, brainstorm lobbying strategies with other students and listen to prominent keynote speakers. 

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