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Annual Excellence Day Showcases Research Projects, Clinical Achievements and Technology

Students and faculty interact at Excellence Day on May 18

May  25, 2011

Students, faculty and invited guests proudly shared their achievements both in the dental clinic and the laboratory during the 11th Annual Clinical Excellence Day and the 13th Annual Pacific Research Day, a two-part event held on campus May 18.

This year, a group of 25 students and faculty from the Stockton Campus, attended the events and gave presentations. For the first time, invited participants from UCSF also attended Excellence Day, and presented research findings to their dental school colleagues at Pacific.
Clinical Excellence Day
In the day's clinical portion, students presented case studies and clinical achievements on topics such as removable prosthodontics, complex restorative procedures, veneers and implants. Several patients donated their time to attend the event and display the work of their student dentists in person.

"At this year's Clinical Excellence Day, we had 43 students present their clinical endeavors from the academic year," said Dr. Jessie Vallee, Department of Restorative Dentistry assistant professor and coordinator of Clinical Excellence Day. "This event is a great chance for students to showcase their achievements and complex cases."
Teams of dental school faculty members reviewed and evaluated students' cases based on oral and physical presentation, case difficulty, preparation and treatment. Winning presentations will be announced during graduation weekend's Alumni/Graduate Banquet on June 10.
Pacific Research Day
On the research side, students and faculty displayed presentations on a variety of topics, including comparisons of restorative materials and types of impressions; prediction of patient anxiety; gene delivery to oral cancer cells; and gene therapy for HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, Research Day featured its third annual keynote lecture, given by Pamela K. DenBesten, professor and chair of the Pediatric Dentistry Division and Department of Orofacial Sciences at University of California, San Francisco. DenBesten spoke to an audience of students and faculty about stem cells as tools for tooth repair and regeneration.
"This is the thirteenth annual Research Day and we had a large number of presentations from our students and faculty, as well as guest presenters from UCSF," said Dr. Nejat Düzgüneş, professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and student research coordinator. "This is an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their research accomplishments. We're also very pleased that our colleagues from the Stockton Campus were able to join us for this year's events."
In addition to presenting their research, students also competed for prizes, including Senior Research Competition awards and the ADA/Dentsply Award, which enables the student winner to attend the ADA Annual Session's Student Clinician Research Program in Las Vegas.
Sponsors of Research Day were Western Dental Services, Dr. Ken Kirsch and Designs for Vision, Inc.
Several committees of faculty members selected the winners of these awards:


First Place Award
A. Jordan Priestley, A. Jeffrey Wood, and John K. Mayberry
Dental Student Prediction of Pediatric Patient Anxiety

Second Place Award
Scott Sutter, Michael Yee, Barbara Plowman, Nasser Said-Al-Naief  and Nejat Düzgüneş
Liposomal c6 ceramide is cytotoxic To oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma cells and causes a decrease in survivin expression

Second Place Award
Arash Abolfazlian, Mirek Tolar, K. Heetland, Allison Chin, A. Balghonaim, K. Liu, J. Zhu, A. Tarifard, M. Christie, H. Berdichevsky, J. Leach, M. Petrovska, V.Lee, and Marie Tolarova
Pax9 Gene Polymorphisms and Missing Teeth

San Francisco Section of the AADR Award
Scott Sutter, Michael Yee, Barbara Plowman, Nasser Said-Al-Naief  and Nejat Düzgüneş
Liposomal c6 ceramide is cytotoxic To oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma cells and causes a decrease in survivin expression

Second Year Student Research Competition

ADA/Dentsply Award [Student Clinicians of the ADA (SCADA) Award]
Stacy Gulland, Kristen Hann, Greer McMichael and Gary D. Richards
The Implications of Bony and Soft Tissue Variation for Success Rates in Mandibular Nerve (V3) Anesthesia

Hinman Symposium Award
Amy Au
, Senait Gebremedhin, Matthew Milnes, Krystyna Konopka and Nejat Düzgüneş
HIV Promoter-Mediated, Specific Gene Expression in Cells Expressing the HIV Transactivator, TAT: A First Step for Gene Therapy of HIV/AIDS

AADR Meeting Award
Jeff  Rector, Abir Balghonaim, Mirek Tolar, Sherif Barki, Helen Berdichevsky and Marie Tolarova
Folate-Related Genes and Orofacial Clefts in Sohag, Egypt


Excellence Award
Prajakta Kamat, Neha Dawar, Rashmi Bajaj, Ruhi Sangha, Bina Surti, Marc Geissberger, Larry Gardner, Noelle Santucci and Richard Lubman
Shade Matching Technology

Excellence Award
Lavanya Bikki, Neetu Chandra, Diviya Khiria, Sirisha Bhamidipaty, Saritha Ketepalle, Gitta Radjaeipour, Noelle Santucci, Richard Lubman and Patricia King
Endo vs Implant - The State of Art


Excellence Award
Abir Balghonaim, Mirek Tolar, Sherif Barki, Helen Berdichevsky, Kenny Liu, Azin Tarifard, Mohammed Alassuty, Samia Saied, Ahmed Elsherbiny and Marie Tolarova
Polymorphisms of the MTHFR 677CT and Cleft Lip and Palate in Sohag, Egypt - a Pilot Study


Excellence Award
Miray Gendi
Effects of Hookah: Are You Aware?


Excellence Award
Albert Lin, Andy Lee, Raymond Pandez, and Craig Vierra
The Histidine-rich C-terminus of the Peptide SCP-1 Confers Metal Binding Ability in Latrodectus hesperus

Excellence Award
Rhea P. Hautea  and Joanna S. Albala
The Effects of Vitamin D on DNA Repair in Head and Neck Cancer

Excellence Award (Shared Award)
Rajul Patel, Kelly Nesseth, Mark Walberg  and Joseph Woelfel
Formulary Differences Across Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Rajul Patel, Mark Walberg, Julie Na, Desiree Hsiou, Vinay Panchal, Joseph Woelfel, Suzanne Galal, Sian Carr-Lopez and Emily Chan
Evaluating the Willingness-to-Pay of Medicare Beneficiaries for Part D Plan Assistance

Rajul Patel, Min Jeung Kim, Mark Walberg  and Joseph Woelfel
Evaluating Drug Cost and Restriction Process of Commonly Used Prescription Drugs Under Each 2011 California Stand-Alone Medicare Part D Plan

*Student presenters are indicated in bold type


Clinical Excellence Day Awards

Aesthetic Dentistry
Ryan Hong  

Anna Dneprov

Complex Restorative
Nancy Ly

Angie Pagonis

Removable Prosthodontics
Mohammed Faizan- Ali

Lisa Buda

First-Year Category
Michael Kezian

Second-Year Category
Eric Blasingame

Marwa Alkordy 

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