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Dr. Jeffrey Wood Shares Oral Health Tips for Children on ABC7’s “View from the Bay”

Dr. Jeffrey Wood appears on KGO-TV ABC 7 to discuss Halloween candy and children's teeth.

November  02, 2009

Children's dental expert Dr. Jeffrey Wood, professor and chair of the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, was a featured guest on the October 30 edition of "View from the Bay," a local Bay Area talk show airing on KGO-TV ABC 7. During the Halloween-themed show, Wood shared tips for parents to consider as kids fill their mouths with trick-or-treat goodies.

In addition to pointing out some of the worst candy for teeth, Wood shared advice for parents about how to keep kids' mouths healthy. He says that while certain candies may be more damaging than others, the real takeaway message for parents this holiday is that they should regulate when candy is being consumed.

"Eating candy with or after a meal is actually good because when you eat a meal, you have a lot of saliva working in your mouth and it helps clean the mouth," said Wood. "And hopefully after your meal you're cleaning your teeth and getting rid of some of the acid that is produced as a result of the sugar."

Furthermore, Wood emphasizes that parents should take their child to their first dental appointment no later than age one to build a routine and a relationship with a dentist. Promoting oral health early to kids not only teaches them the importance of taking care of their teeth, it is directly related to their oral health when they are adults.

The dental school's Pediatric Dentistry Clinic provides a wide range of dental services for children from birth to age 14 including examinations, diagnoses and a complete range of dental treatment procedures in a state-of-the-art facility.

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