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Dugoni School of Dentistry Launches Study to Analyze Webcam Instructional Technology in Dental Education

Participants will evaluate traditional instruction and webcam instruction in learning environments such as the school’s Simulation Laboratory.

November  14, 2012

University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry is always considering what instruction for dental students might look like in the future. Now the dental school is examining webcam technology and how it might play a role in dental education.

The school announced this week that it will be conducting a new one-year study, "Evaluation of Effectiveness of a High Definition Webcam in Preclinical Dental Training," beginning in November 2012.

The purpose of the study is to gather research on new training and instructional methodology - in this case, the use of high-definition web cameras that instructors will use to teach students preclinical dental skills.

Students participating in the study will be exposed to both traditional instruction methods and webcam instruction. Participants will evaluate the effectiveness of each method. Webcam technology will also be incorporated into the dental Simulation Laboratory at the Dugoni School of Dentistry campus in San Francisco. First-year students use the lab to practice their technical skills in preparation for treating live patients in their second year.

The study is being conducted under the investigation of Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Nader Nadershahi, as well as faculty members Dr. Anders Nattestad, Dr. Parag Kachalia and Dr. Shika Gupta. Another investigator in the study is Dr. Mark Genuis, the CEO of ICE Health Systems, which is providing technological support for the duration of the study.

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