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Employee Recognition Committee Puts Dental School Staff and Faculty in the Spotlight

February  04, 2013

"The magic of Pacific is in its people" is a sentiment that rings true, especially as newcomers get to know the school's dedicated students, staff and faculty members.  

To honor the importance of its people, the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry established an Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) with a goal of recognizing faculty and staff for their achievements and dedication to the school. The committee has since launched a number of programs and opportunities to ensure employee accomplishments don't go unnoticed.

The ERC is composed of ten school employees who have together, with the support of school administration, created a variety of awards and recognition opportunities.

The group recently launched an employee "thank you" initiative with a digital twist. Employees are now able to send e-recognition cards to fellow colleagues to thank them or call attention to a particular job well done. E-cards are approved by the ERC, and then sent via email to the recipient. The sentiment can be recorded online for all staff and faculty to view.

The committee is also responsible for accepting nominations and selecting staff members for the Employee of the Quarter award. The award recognizes staff members for contributions to the dental school's mission and core values, teamwork, leadership and other achievements. Recipients have one day added to their vacation time accrual, are given an award certificate and a feature on the ERC webpage.

Additionally, each summer the ERC hosts a Years of Service Recognition Luncheon to recognize staff and faculty members for various years of service to the school. Starting with five years of service and going in increments of five and ten years thereafter, employees are celebrated for their long-term dedication.

Finally, the committee is responsible for helping to celebrate and honor the annual winner of the Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award. Each year one staff member is chosen for the prestigious award, which is funded by University of the Pacific Vice President for Finance Patrick Cavanaugh and his wife Janita. Winners receive a check for $500, an award plaque and a feature in the Pacific Insider.

More information about the Employee Recognition Committee, including its current roster of members, is available on the committee webpage.

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