Public Safety

Carpool Parking Rules

Ridesharing is an efficient way for employees to get to work, and the school encourages employees to form carpools. Security will register all vehicles involved in a carpool so that the same vehicle does not have to be used each day. The members of a carpool who will be using their cars in the carpool must agree to the insurance conditions and comply individually with the parking rules.

While each vehicle in a carpool is registered with a parking decal, only the person that was assigned the parking spot will be issued a carpool badge. That specific card must be used whenever any car in the carpool requires access. Whenever the individual who was allotted the parking spot gives up the spot, the carpool members do not receive any residual benefits and to continue the carpool the members will have to find another person that has a spot.

Personnel who currently have a spot but wish to join a carpool you can retain the original parking assignment by returning the spot to Security with the understanding that if the individual withdraws from the carpool, the spot will be returned to the original licensee. Individual subleasing of parking spots is not allowed and could be cause for withdraw of parking privileges.