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Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum

Thank you to all of the faculty who entered this year's Helix Innovation Award Competition. This year's winner was voted on at the June 7, 2011 Faculty Development Day. Who took home the top prize? Learn more >>

The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry's mission states that we will prepare oral healthcare providers for scientifically based practice and define new standards for education. To that end, we have begun implementing the Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum, which places a strong focus on active learning and critical thinking by integrating across multiple disciplinary areas and using small-group case-based learning as a signature pedagogy.

As we make these exciting changes to make our school even more learner-centered and personalized, we also need to ensure that our faculty is prepared to thrive and excel in a changing environment. We will need to increase the number of full-time faculty, focus on recruiting educators who fit this model and provide extensive training and development opportunities to current faculty.

The school has identified several development areas and topics, including understanding the scholarship of teaching and learning; writing and using cases to draw together foundational knowledge; preparing for and running small group seminars; and identifying the best practices for the delivery of different content in different formats.

In addition to this faculty development and realignment, the school's facility infrastructure and the makeup of the incoming class are also under review to ensure that we are creating the ultimate environment to actualize the potential of each individual learner.

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