Strategic Plan

Dean's Charge 2011

 In January 2007, I charged the first Strategic Planning Writing Group to assist the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in developing a strategic plan for the next five to seven years. Four years after implementation began, the Dugoni School is ready to update its strategic plan in significant ways. The 2007 strategic plan was highly ambitious — six strategic directions and 34 major goals. The update is necessary for two fundamental reasons. 

First, the environment has changed dramatically since 2007. One of the major environmental changes is the planned move to new facilities, facilities that will afford the Dugoni School many more opportunities to advance greatness.

Second, we are updating the plan because of the Dugoni family's amazing accomplishments over the past four years. With the leadership of the first Writing Group, the Implementation Task Force, numerous implementation committees, the Dean's Cabinet, and Dr. Roy Bergstrom who has overseen the implementation phase, we have accomplished much.

In the charge to the 2007 Writing Group, I stated that the School of Dentistry will move to even higher levels of national and international prominence as a leader in dental education. It has moved and it will continue to move upward.

To facilitate the development of the School's updated strategic plan, I have appointed a new Writing Group chaired by Dr. Parag Kachalia, Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry. Other members of the Writing Group are Dr. Roy Bergstrom, Director of Planning; Mr. Alex Blaseio, Class of 2013, Ms. Vanessa Bricker, Manager, Clinical Sciences; Dr. Cindy Lyon, Chair of the Department of Dental Practice; Dr. Nader Nadershahi, Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Dr. Ove Peters, Professor, Department of Endodontics; and Mr. Dan Soine, Director of Marketing and Communications.

The Academy for Academic Leadership, an Atlanta, Georgia-based consultancy with extensive experience in higher education and dental education, will assist the Writing Group. The Dean's Cabinet will provide oversight to the planning process through frequent communication with the Writing Group.

As I stated in 2007, strategic planning is a communicative, consensus-building process.  The Writing Group will utilize input from faculty, students, staff, University administrators, alumni, patients, and all major stakeholders as it updates the strategic plan.  Specifically, the Writing Group is charged to do the following:

  1. Update the 2007 strategic plan, particularly the strategic priorities and goals, in the light of accomplishments, environmental changes, new facilities, and other current or anticipated events.
  2. Write a report accessible to stakeholders that reviews the accomplishments from the 2007 strategic plan.
  3. Update background and other information within the strategic plan to ensure that the rationale and structure of the plan is understandable to readers and practicable for those who implement the plan.
  4. Utilize extant data gathered through focus groups and interviews as well as the University's strategic statements to inform the updates to the strategic plan.
  5. Design a process to ensure open and frequent communication from the Dugoni stakeholders, particularly students, faculty, and staff, to build consensus about the updated plan. Means for engaging stakeholders should include brown bag lunches or the like, open forums, feedback through the Dugoni website, email, and other media.  
  6. Develop and recommend a timeline, not to exceed six months, for updating the strategic plan.
  7. Provide recommendations to the Dean to ensure the transition to an effective implementation phase. 

The window for the strategic plan is roughly five years. A living document, the updated strategic plan will be public, accessible to all stakeholders and interested parties as a model of educational distinction. The implementation plan will be disseminated throughout the school as we work together to create a new and exciting future. The Dugoni School will increase its reputation as an innovator and world leader in dental education.