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Pacific Dugoni Foundation

Founded in 1980, the Pacific Dugoni Foundation has become a driving force in philanthropy at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. The Foundation's mission is to ensure that Pacific Dugoni has the resources it needs to realize its vision, mission and goals. Board members provide wise counsel for the Dean and act as ambassadors for Pacific Dugoni among alumni and friends. By placing Pacific Dugoni in the top tier of their personal philanthropic and volunteer objectives, board members encourage others to join them in their support of the dental school. The board organizes its work around three standing committees: Pacific Dugoni Annual Fund, Leadership Gifts and Events.

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Dr. Nader Nadershahi, Interim Dean
Dr. Ed Bedrossian '86, President
Mr. Jeff Rhode, Associate Dean for Development  

Dr. Brian Adams '02
Dr. Braden Beck '71 & '85
Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. '85
Dr. Susan Bittner '74A
Dr. Joseph Bronzini '66
Dr. Elisa LoBue-Campbell '84
Dr. Michael Campbell '79
Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni '48
Dr. Joseph Errante '80
Dr. Nava Fathi '95
Dr. Michael Fox '82
Dr. Stephen Hannon
Dr. Thomas Indresano
Dr. Scott Jacks '74B
Dr. Yan Kalika
Dr. John Kim '04
Dr. Catherine Lambetecchio '87
Dr. Jill Cohen Lasky '98
Dr. Michael Lasky '95
Dr. Paola L. Leone
Mr. Gary Mitchell, Campaign Co-Chair
Dr. Aneet Randhawa 
Dr. Gurjit Randhawa
Dr. W. Ronald Redmond '66, Campaign Co-Chair 
Dr. Kenneth Shimizu '85 & '87
Dr. Daniel Tanita '73, Pacific Dugoni Annual Fund Chair  
Dr. Gabby Thodas '77 & '95, Campaign Co-Chair
Mr. Steven Tiret
Dr. Gregory Vaughn '99
Dr. Gary Weiner '66, Campaign Co-Chair
Dr. Colin Wong '65
Dr. Rick Workman  
Dr. Douglas Yarris '83

Dr. William van Dyk '73, President, Alumni Association