Alumni Association FAQ

How do I join the Alumni Association?

Graduates of the Dugoni School of Dentistry in all programs (DDS, IDS, DH, AEGD, OMFS, Ortho and Endo) are automatically members of the Alumni Association. Active members are alumni who support the association by paying membership dues each year. We rely on our members' dues payments to sustain the Alumni Association's mission and goals. Regular dues are $210 per year, and there are several benefits of membership, including the opportunity to attend the annual Alumni Meeting where you can earn CE units.

What is an Associate Member?

Dentists who are not graduates of our dental school are invited to join the Dugoni Alumni Association as associate members. For the same annual membership dues, non-graduate dentists receive all mailings and benefits, and are listed in our directory as associate members. Interested individuals need to fill out an associate membership application.

How much are the annual membership dues?

Regular membership dues are $210 per year for both alumni and associate members. The membership year runs July 1 through June 30 the following year, and all members are sent dues statements each summer.

New graduates are exempt from dues payments their first year out of school, and are  given a discount up to four years after graduation.. Life members are exempt from dues payments. 

What are the benefits of joining as a dues-paying member?

The Alumni Association operates as a department of the School of Dentistry with the sole purpose of promoting the welfare of the school, its graduates and the profession of dentistry. The Alumni Association sponsors and supports programs for our alumni, students and the profession — from the annual Alumni Meeting (where you can earn CE units and connect with fellow alumni) to various alumni chapter events and all-member receptions. The Alumni Association also provides services to our members, such as the Dental Opportunities online listing of jobs and practices for sale and the online Alumni Directory.

How can I contact the Alumni Association?


By Phone:
415.351.7108, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

By Mail:
Alumni Association
Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
155 Fifth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
By Fax:

How do I view or post job openings?

The Alumni Association offers Dental Opportunities, a monthly online resource to help match dentists looking for new associates with graduates and senior students seeking employment. Dental Opportunities includes listings organized by geographic location in the following categories:

  • Associateships/Partnerships/Dentists/Hygienists
  • Externships and Graduate Programs
  • Practices for Sale/Office Space Sale/Lease

There is no charge to view listings. Posting a listing (or several listings) is free to those who are current dues-paying members. For all others, a listing costs $210 for three months or you can join the Alumni Association for $210 a year (as an alumnus or an associate member) and have unlimited listings.

Those searching for a job can also post their C.V. and contact information.

Alumni Meeting

When is the annual Alumni Meeting?

The annual Alumni Meeting is usually held in March. The two-day meeting takes place in San Francisco at a local hotel.

Who can attend the Alumni Meeting?

The Alumni Meeting is open to all dues-paying members (active or associate), life members and students from the graduating class. You need to join the Alumni Association ($210 per year) to attend the Alumni Meeting.

What is the fee to attend the Alumni Meeting?

The 2016 registration fee for the two day annual meeting is $100 early bird and $125 on-site; $75 early bird dental auxiliaries and $100 on-site dental auxiliaries. This is a separate fee from the annual membership dues. Life members and students in the graduating class are exempt from the registration fee.

Online Community Registration and Log In

Note: we are about to replace the current Dugoni Online site; this information will be updated shortly.

Who is eligible to access the Dugoni Online community?

Alumni and associate members of the Dugoni Alumni Association are eligible to register for the Dugoni Online community. Online registration will be available again soon.

How do I obtain my Pacific ID # to register as a new user?

Your Pacific ID # (your 988 number) was sent to you in a recent letter from the Alumni Association. Also, you may have received an email with a link directly to your registration as a new user. If you can’t locate your letter or did not receive an email, please contact the Alumni Association during normal business hours at 415.351.7108 or email

I forgot my password.  How can I access my account?

Click “Forgot Password” in the Member Log In area. Click “Reset” and you will be directed to enter your username and then your password hint that you established at the time of account registration.

Can I change my password and/or username?

Yes. Simply go to “My Account” in the left column and then select “Username and Password.” You can edit your username and password and then click “Submit” to make the change.

What constraints are there for passwords?

Passwords should be between 4-25 characters. We recommend using valid letters (a-z or A-Z) and/or numbers (0-9). No punctuations marks or spaces.

When trying to register with my Pacific ID #, I received an error message. What is happening?

Our system will only recognize your full (formal) last name and Pacific identification number that we currently have on file for you. Occasionally, the data we have on file is either missing a name or the information we have does not match what a user is typing in. Please contact our office at 415.351.7108 or send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

Alumni Directory & Profile

What are the benefits of the Alumni Directory?

The Alumni Directory is a complimentary service provided by the Dugoni Alumni Association to encourage communication among alumni for professional and personal networking and for dental school-related activities. The Alumni Directory is a password-protected website for use only by Dugoni School of Dentistry alumni and associate members. Upon registration, alumni may log in securely to access services, such as updating address information and finding friends and former classmates from dental school.

Is the Alumni Directory secure?

Only you can access and update your personal information.  Areas of the website containing private information are located on a secure server utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption.  Other alumni and associate members can view your directory information via a password-protected login.  You can limit what information appears to other alumni by using the “hide” checkboxes when editing your profile.

How do I update my profile?

After logging into the site, your profile should appear. Click on one of the categories (i.e. Personal, Professional or Academic) in the My Profile navigation at the top of the page. Update content wherever you see changes that need to be made. You can also select “hide” and control the amount of information you make available to other members of the online community. Remember to press “save” to ensure that your changes have been made.

How much of my information can other alumni see?

You choose how much information you want visible to other alumni.  To keep members’ records up-to-date, we ask that you click “My Profile” and update as many fields as possible in your personal profile.  You can then click “hide” next to all information you do not want other members of the online community to see. 

Can I remove my information from the directory?

You can choose to remove any or all of your contact information from the Alumni Directory.  The only information that can not be removed is your name and class year.

How do I determine my contact preferences?

Go to “My Account,” then click on “Contact Preferences” in the left column navigation. You can choose your e-mail, phone and address preferences in your profile. For example, you may wish all emails to be directed to your personal e-mail address, but you may prefer to receive mail at work instead of home.

How do I upload my profile photo?

Under My Profile, go to your Personal edit page. Scroll down to Personal Photo and click the “Browse” button to view photos from your computer and then click “Upload.” Photos should be 100 px (width) x 150 px (height).

How I look up a classmate?

You can use the search functions in the Alumni Directory. Click on “Alumni Directory” and then select “Basic” or “Advanced Search.” Basic Search simply requests a name and class year. Advanced Search allows you to select more information, such as dental specialty, city, state or maiden name.

I can’t find a fellow alumnus using the directory search?

The search features are particularly sensitive to misspellings so sometimes less is more.  Not all of the fields need to be filled in so you might want to try typing in partial information, such as the beginning of a last name and the first initial of a first name.  You can also search by class year. 

How do I save a contact after I have searched for someone?

When you are on a member’s profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Add to My Contacts” button. This alumnus will be saved in your “My Contacts” page that can be found within the Alumni Directory navigation in the left column.

I have changed my last name.  How do I update my profile with this information?  Will fellow alumni be able to search and find my profile under my old and/or new last name?

You can update this information in the Alumni Directory by editing My Profile, under the Personal edit page. The last name search feature will allow fellow alumni to search by current last name, maiden name, middle name or nickname to find you.

Where does the information for the Alumni Directory come from?

The base information contained in the online Alumni Directory is data originally supplied by the University of the Pacific’s Banner database.  Updates are continually made by individual alumni online and/or by contacting the Development or Alumni Office.  The online directory is synchronized with our database for weekly updates.