The Pacific Promise

We Treat You Like Family

The Pacific Promise is a school-wide initiative designed to foster a respectful, supportive atmosphere and encourage the highest levels of customer service among the entire Dugoni School community. The school family - which includes students, faculty, staff, patients and alumni - is a diverse and talented group of people committed to being a part of a global leader in dental education. We aim to respect the time, talent and resources of all of the individuals who are part of this family. This approach will set the stage for greater levels of patient care, student education and alumni involvement.

To date, the school has rolled out several aspects of the Pacific Promise to two important groups: patients and students.

Providing Patient-Centered Care: Our Commitment to Patients

The Dugoni School strives to provide personalized, patient-centered oral healthcare in a comfortable and supportive environment consistent with our humanistic approach to education. We value our patients as part of the Pacific Dugoni family. Our students, faculty and staff pledge to treat patients with respect, uphold privacy, communicate effectively and provide care in a respectful way.

New ways we've enhanced customer service for our family of patients include the hiring of a Dedicated Patient Relations Liaison; enhanced customer service training for staff, faculty and students; a new patient welcome area on the second floor; upgrades to our phone system to make it easier to make appointments; faster new-patient screenings; easier-to understand-patient bills and a new online patient access portal which is expected to be launched soon.

As part of this initiative, eleven team leaders have been named to focus on continued refinement of clinic processes and practices. These functions include the patient intake process, communication and training; patient relations; telecommunications; billing; web site; patient access, quality assurance and referrals; social media and advertising; faculty training and efficiency.

Developing Practice-Ready Professionals: Our Commitment to Students

The Dugoni School develops students into practice-ready dental professionals capable of thriving in the field of oral healthcare. We provide the support and processes to graduate students who will be prepared for the ever-changing healthcare environment. We provide expert knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to develop our students into astute professionals ready for a successful career in oral healthcare.

New ways we're delivering on the promise include the use of data analysis in the practice of dentistry (e.g., key practice indicators, evidence-based decision making and knowledge of advanced technology); eight small-group practices centered around the private practice model to provide "real-world" clinic management experience; incorporating business skills learned in practice management course into clinics; guest presentations from industry professionals and leaders in dentistry; interprofessional education opportunities to prepare students for a multidisciplinary healthcare world; customized student support services for academic and non-academic student needs; and opportunities to build relationships with alumni for job opportunities and career resources.

In the future, the Pacific Promise initiative will expand its focus to faculty, staff and alumni.

For more information about the Pacific Promise, members of the school community may contact Dr. William Sands, vice chairperson of the clinical practice strand, at or Dr. Richard Fredekind, associate dean for clinical services, at