Our faculty have produced a significant body of research. This page lists articles by researchers affiliated with the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry which have recently been published in scientific journals, as well as recent book titles.

Updated January 18, 2017

Oh, H., Baumrind, S., Korn, E.L., Dugoni, S., Boero, R., Aubert, M., Boyd, R.
A retrospective study of Class II mixed-dentition treatment
(2017) Angle Orthodontist, 87 (1), pp. 56-67.

Gabriele, L.G., Morandini, A.C., Dionísio, T.J., Santos, C.F.
Angiotensin II type 1 receptor knockdown impairs interleukin-1β-induced cytokines in human periodontal fibroblasts
(2017) Journal of Periodontology, 88 (1), pp. e1-e11.

Peters, O.A., de Azevedo Bahia, M.G., Pereira, E.S.J.
Contemporary Root Canal Preparation: Innovations in Biomechanics
(2017) Dental Clinics of North America, 61 (1), pp. 37-58.

Piskorz, J., Lijewski, S., Gierszewski, M., Gorniak, K., Sobotta, L., Wicher, B., Tykarska, E., Düzgüneş, N., Konopka, K., Sikorski, M., Gdaniec, M., Mielcarek, J., Goslinski, T.
Sulfanyl porphyrazines: Molecular barrel-like self-assembly in crystals, optical properties and in vitro photodynamic activity towards cancer cells
(2017) Dyes and Pigments, 136, pp. 898-908.

Bonessio, N., Arias, A., Lomiento, G., Peters, O.A.
Effect of root canal treatment procedures with a novel rotary nickel titanium instrument (TRUShape) on stress in mandibular molars: a comparative finite element analysis
(2017) Odontology, 105 (1), pp. 54-61.

Guivarc'h, M., Ordioni, U., Ahmed, H.M.A., Cohen, S., Catherine, J.-H., Bukiet, F.
Sodium Hypochlorite Accident: A Systematic Review
(2017) Journal of Endodontics, 43 (1), pp. 16-24.

Ko, Y.-F., Liau, J.-C., Lee, C.-S., Chiu, C.-Y., Martel, J., Lin, C.-S., Tseng, S.-F., Ojcius, D.M., Lu, C.-C., Lai, H.-C., Young, J.D.
Isolation, culture and characterization of Hirsutella sinensis mycelium from caterpillar fungus fruiting body
(2017) PLoS ONE, 12 (1), art. no. 0168734, .

Fa, B.A., Cuny, E.
Preliminary evidence supports modification of retraction technique to prevent needlestick injuries
(2016) Anesthesia Progress, 63 (4), pp. 192-196.

Peters, O.A., Galicia, J., Arias, A., Tolar, M., Ng, E., Shin, S.J.
Effects of two calcium silicate cements on cell viability, angiogenic growth factor release and related gene expression in stem cells from the apical papilla
(2016) International Endodontic Journal, 49 (12), pp. 1132-1140.

Alzoubi, F., Bedrossian, E., Wong, A.
Oral rehabilitation of patients with Chediak-Higashi syndrome using zygoma and root form implant-supported fixed prostheses: A report of two patients
(2016) Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 116 (6), pp. 831-835.

Wang, S., Hu, J., Dong, R., Liu, D., Chen, J., Musacchia, G., Liu, B.
Voice pitch elicited frequency following response in Chinese elderlies
(2016) Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 8 (NOV), art. no. 286, .

Atanasova, K., Lee, J., Roberts, J., Lee, K., Ojcius, D.M., Yilmaz, Ö.
Nucleoside-diphosphate-kinase of P. gingivalis is secreted from epithelial cells in the absence of a leader sequence through a pannexin-1 interactome
(2016) Scientific Reports, 6, art. no. 37643, .

Lin, C.-S., Tsai, Y.-H., Chang, C.-J., Tseng, S.-F., Wu, T.-R., Lu, C.-C., Wu, T.-S., Lu, J.-J., Horng, J.-T., Martel, J., Ojcius, D.M., Lai, H.-C., Young, J.D.
An iron detection system determines bacterial swarming initiation and biofilm formation
(2016) Scientific Reports, 6, art. no. 36747, .

Cheung, J., Chino, T., Co, C., Konopka, K., Düzgünes, N.
A nonviral vector with transfection activity comparable with adenoviral transduction
(2016) Therapeutic Delivery, 7 (11), pp. 739-749.

Radjaeipour, G., Chambers, D.W., Geissberger, M.
Can performance on summative evaluation of wax-added dental anatomy projects be better predicted from the combination of supervised and unsupervised practice than from supervised practice alone?
(2016) European Journal of Dental Education, 20 (4), pp. 237-240.

Oh, H., Ma, N., Feng, P.P., Kieu, K., Boero, R., Dugoni, S., Aubert, M., Chambers, D.
Evaluation of posttreatment stability after orthodontic treatment in the mixed and permanent dentitions
(2016) Angle Orthodontist, 86 (6), pp. 1010-1018.

Rechenberg, D.-K., Galicia, J.C., Peters, O.A.
Biological markers for pulpal inflammation: A systematic review
(2016) PLoS ONE, 11 (11), art. no. e0167289, .

Chung, I.-C., OuYang, C.-N., Yuan, S.-N., Li, H.-P., Chen, J.-T., Shieh, H.-R., Chen, Y.-J., Ojcius, D.M., Chu, C.-L., Yu, J.-S., Chang, Y.-S., Chen, L.-C.
Pyk2 activates the NLRP3 inflammasome by directly phosphorylating ASC and contributes to inflammasome-dependent peritonitis
(2016) Scientific Reports, 6, art. no. 36214, .

Glassman, P., Harrington, M., Namakian, M., Subar, P.
Interprofessional Collaboration in Improving Oral Health for Special Populations
(2016) Dental Clinics of North America, 60 (4), pp. 843-855.

Alzoubi, F., Massoomi, N., Nattestad, A.
Bone reduction to facilitate immediate implant placement and loading using CAD/CAM surgical guides for patients with terminal dentition
(2016) Journal of Oral Implantology, 42 (5), pp. 406-410.

Alzoubi, F., Massoomi, N., Nattestad, A.
Accuracy assessment of immediate and delayed implant placements using CAD/CAM surgical guides
(2016) Journal of Oral Implantology, 42 (5), pp. 391-398.

Davies, A., Gebremedhin, S., Yee, M., Padilla, R.J., Duzgunes, N., Konopka, K., Dorocka-Bobkowska, B.
Cationic porphyrin-mediated photodynamic inactivation of Candida biofilms and the effect of miconazole
(2016) Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 67 (5), pp. 777-783.

Tolstunov, L., Brickeen, M., Kamanin, V., Susarla, S.M., Selvi, F.
Is the angulation of mandibular third molars associated with the thickness of lingual bone?
(2016) British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 54 (8), pp. 914-919.

Monsarrat, P., Arcaute, B., Peters, O.A., Maury, E., Telmon, N., Georgelin-Gurgel, M., Maret, D.
Interrelationships in the variability of root canal anatomy among the permanent teeth: A full-mouth approach by cone-beam CT
(2016) PLoS ONE, 11 (10), art. no. e0165329, .

Lu, C.-C., Hsu, Y.-J., Chang, C.-J., Lin, C.-S., Martel, J., Ojcius, D.M., Ko, Y.-F., Lai, H.-C., Young, J.D.
Immunomodulatory properties of medicinal mushrooms: Differential effects of water and ethanol extracts on NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity
(2016) Innate Immunity, 22 (7), pp. 522-533.

Fa, B.A., Speaker, S.R., Budenz, A.W.
Temporary diplopia after gow-gates injection: Case report and review
(2016) Anesthesia Progress, 63 (3), pp. 139-146.

Chávez, E.M., Lederman, B.
On Lok PACE: Where oral healthcare is an integral part of healthcare
(2016) Generations, 40 (3), pp. 104-107.

Chávez, E.M., Calvo, J., Jones, J.
The Santa Fe group strategy: How Medicare can integrate health and oral care for older Americans
(2016) Generations, 40 (3), pp. 94-99.

Maret, D., Peters, O.A., Vigarios, E., Epstein, J.B., van der Sluis, L.
Dental screening of medical patients for oral infections and inflammation: Consideration of risk and benefit
(2016) Microbes and Infection, . Article in Press.

Lyon, L.J., Hoover, T.E., Giusti, L., Booth, M.T., Mahdavi, E.
Teaching skill acquisition and development in dental education
(2016) Journal of Dental Education, 80 (8), pp. 983-993.

Moua, P.S., Gonzalez, A., Oshiro, K.T., Tam, V., Li, Z.H., Chang, J., Leung, W., Yon, A., Thor, D., Venkatram, S., Franz, A.H., Risser, D.D., Lin-Cereghino, J., Lin-Cereghino, G.P.
Differential secretion pathways of proteins fused to the Escherichia coli maltose binding protein (MBP) in Pichia pastoris
(2016) Protein Expression and Purification, 124, pp. 1-9.

Almeida-da-Silva, C.L.C., Morandini, A.C., Ulrich, H., Ojcius, D.M., Coutinho-Silva, R.
Purinergic signaling during Porphyromonas gingivalis infection [figure presented]
(2016) Biomedical Journal, 39 (4), pp. 251-260.

da Silva, E.J.N.L., Zaia, A.A., Peters, O.A.
Cytocompatibility of calcium silicate-based sealers in a three-dimensional cell culture model
(2016) Clinical Oral Investigations, pp. 1-6. Article in Press.

Park, S.B., Seronello, S., Mayer, W., Ojcius, D.M.
Hepatitis C virus frameshift/alternate reading frame protein suppresses interferon responses mediated by pattern recognition receptor retinoic-acid-inducible gene-I
(2016) PLoS ONE, 11 (7), art. no. e0158419, .

Bui, F.Q., Johnson, L., Roberts, J., Hung, S.-C., Lee, J., Atanasova, K.R., Huang, P.-R., Yilmaz, Ö., Ojcius, D.M.
Fusobacterium nucleatum infection of gingival epithelial cells leads to NLRP3 inflammasome-dependent secretion of IL-1β and the danger signals ASC and HMGB1
(2016) Cellular Microbiology, 18 (7), pp. 970-981.

Mlynarczyk, D.T., Lijewski, S., Falkowski, M., Piskorz, J., Szczolko, W., Sobotta, L., Stolarska, M., Popenda, L., Jurga, S., Konopka, K., Düzgüneş, N., Mielcarek, J., Goslinski, T.
Dendrimeric Sulfanyl Porphyrazines: Synthesis, Physico-Chemical Characterization, and Biological Activity for Potential Applications in Photodynamic Therapy
(2016) ChemPlusChem, 81 (5), pp. 460-470.

Pettengill, M.A., Abdul-Sater, A., Coutinho-Silva, R., Ojcius, D.M.
Danger signals, inflammasomes, and the intricate intracellular lives of chlamydiae(black small square)
(2016) Biomedical Journal, . Article in Press.

Xiao, N., Le, Q.-T.
Neurotrophic Factors and Their Potential Applications in Tissue Regeneration
(2016) Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis, 64 (2), pp. 89-99.

Koch, J.D., Jaramillo, D.E., DiVito, E., Peters, O.A.
Irrigant flow during photon-induced photoacoustic streaming (PIPS) using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
(2016) Clinical Oral Investigations, 20 (2), pp. 381-386.

Nix, N.L., Beck, L.G., Rodriguez, T.E.
The Benefits of Volunteering as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Educator
(2016) Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, . Article in Press.

Chambers, D.W., Lyon, L.J.
How Dentists Read a Technique Article: A Grounded Theory Investigation
(2016) Journal of Prosthodontics, . Article in Press.

Arias, A., Peters, O.A., Broyles, I.L.
New curricular design in biostatistics to prepare residents for an evidence-based practice and lifelong learning education: A pilot approach
(2016) International Endodontic Journal, . Article in Press.

Sadowsky, S.J., Zitzmann, N.U.
Protocols for the maxillary implant overdenture: A systematic review
(2016) International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants, 31, pp. 182-191.

Han, X., Shaligram, S., Zhang, R., Anderson, L., Rahimian, R.
Sex-specific vascular responses of the rat aorta: effects of moderate term (intermediate stage) streptozotocin-induced diabetes
(2016) Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 94 (4), pp. 408-415.

Lamberton, J.A., Prof., Oesterle, L.J., Shellhart, W.C., Prof., Newman, S.M., Prof., Harrell, R.E., Prof., Tilliss, T., Prof., Singh, N., Carey, C.M.
Comparison of pain perception during miniscrew placement in orthodontic patients with a visual analog scale survey between compound topical and needle-injected anesthetics: A crossover, prospective, randomized clinical trial
(2016) American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 149 (1), pp. 15-23.

Francisco, E.
Protocols for prevention and control of dental caries
(2015) Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist: Twelfth Edition, pp. 435-445.

Oh, H., Herchold, K., Hannon, S., Heetland, K., Ashraf, G., Nguyen, V., Cho, H.J.
Orthodontic tooth movement through the maxillary sinus in an adult with multiple missing teeth [Mouvements dentaires orthodontiques au travers du sinus maxillaire chez une patiente adulte présentant des édentements multiples]
(2015) L' Orthodontie française, 86 (4), pp. 313-326.

Wong, T.-Y., Peng, H.-H., Wu, C.-Y., Martel, J., Ojcius, D.M., Hsu, F.-Y., Young, J.D.
Nanoparticle conversion to biofilms: In vitro demonstration using serum-derived mineralo-organic nanoparticles
(2015) Nanomedicine, 10 (24), pp. 3519-3535.

Sajuthi, A., Carrillo-Zazueta, B., Hu, B., Wang, A., Brodnansky, L., Mayberry, J., Rivera, A.S.
Sexually dimorphic gene expression in the lateral eyes of Euphilomedes carcharodonta (Ostracoda, Pancrustacea)
(2015) EvoDevo, 6 (1), art. no. 34, .

Huang, T.-T., Lai, H.-C., Ko, Y.-F., Ojcius, D.M., Lan, Y.-W., Martel, J., Young, J.D., Chong, K.-Y.
Hirsutella sinensis mycelium attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis in vivo
(2015) Scientific Reports, 5, art. no. 15282, .

Wong, T.-Y., Wu, C.-Y., Martel, J., Lin, C.-W., Hsu, F.-Y., Ojcius, D.M., Lin, P.Y., Young, J.D.
Detection and characterization of mineralo-organic nanoparticles in human kidneys
(2015) Scientific Reports, 5, art. no. 15272, .

Cuny, E.
The use of a process challenge device in dental office gravity displacement tabletop sterilizers
(2015) American Journal of Infection Control, 43 (10), pp. 1131-1133.

Chang, C.-J., Lin, C.-S., Lu, C.-C., Martel, J., Ko, Y.-F., Ojcius, D.M., Tseng, S.-F., Wu, T.-R., Chen, Y.-Y.M., Young, J.D., Lai, H.-C.
Ganoderma lucidum reduces obesity in mice by modulating the composition of the gut microbiota
(2015) Nature Communications, 6, art. no. 7489, .

Lin, A., Chuang, T., Pham, T., Ho, C., Hsia, Y., Blasingame, E., Vierra, C.
Advances in understanding the properties of spider silk
(2015) Advances in Silk Science and Technology, pp. 17-40.

Baumrind, S., Curry, S.
American Association of Orthodontists Foundation Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection: Overview of a powerful tool for orthodontic research and teaching
(2015) American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 148 (2), pp. 217-225.

Nam, J., Aranyarachkul, P.
Achieving the Optimal Peri-implant Soft Tissue Profile by the Selective Pressure Method via Provisional Restorations in the Esthetic Zone
(2015) Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, 27 (3), pp. 136-144.

Lin, K.C., Wagner, S.A.
An Efficient and Cost-Effective Technique to Construct an Intraoral Central Bearing Tracing Device
(2015) Journal of Prosthodontics, 24 (6), pp. 511-514.

Zheng, M., Bender, D., Nadershahi, N.
Faculty professional development in emergent pedagogies for instructional innovation in dental education
(2015) European Journal of Dental Education, . Article in Press.

Radjaeipour, G., Chambers, D.W., Geissberger, M.
Can performance on summative evaluation of wax-added dental anatomy projects be better predicted from the combination of supervised and unsupervised practice than from supervised practice alone?
(2015) European Journal of Dental Education, . Article in Press.

Park, J., Boyd, R.L., Bauter, N., Bittner Eberle, M., Lecornu, M.L., Dischinger, T.
Treatment of asymmetrical class II malocclusion in adult patients
(2015) Journal of clinical orthodontics : JCO, 49 (1), pp. 16-27.

Peters, O.A., Arias, A., Paqué, F.
A Micro-computed Tomographic Assessment of Root Canal Preparation with a Novel Instrument, TRUShape, in Mesial Roots of Mandibular Molars
(2015) Journal of Endodontics, 41 (9), art. no. 3177, pp. 1545-1550.

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Craniofacial manifestations of β-thalassemia major
(2015) Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology, 119 (1), pp. e33-e40.

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Oral melanocytic nevi: A clinicopathologic study of 100 cases
(2015) Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology, 120 (3), pp. 358-367.

De Gregorio, C., Arias, A., Navarrete, N., Cisneros, R., Cohenca, N.
Differences in disinfection protocols for root canal treatments between general dentists and endodontists: A Web-based survey
(2015) Journal of the American Dental Association, 146 (7), pp. 536-543.

Sadowsky, S.J., Fitzpatrick, B., Curtis, D.A.
Evidence-Based Criteria for Differential Treatment Planning of Implant Restorations for the Maxillary Edentulous Patient
(2015) Journal of Prosthodontics, 24 (6), pp. 433-446.

Lemagner, F., Maret, D., Peters, O.A., Arias, A., Coudrais, E., Georgelin-Gurgel, M.
Prevalence of Apical Bone Defects and Evaluation of Associated Factors Detected with Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Images
(2015) Journal of Endodontics, 41 (7), pp. 1043-1047.

Hurstel, J., Guivarc'H, M., Pommel, L., Camps, J., Tassery, H., Cohen, S., Bukiet, F.
Do cell phones affect establishing electronic working length?
(2015) Journal of Endodontics, 41 (6), pp. 943-946.

Pereira, E.S.J., Viana, A.C.D., Buono, V.T.L., Peters, O.A., Azevedo Bahia, M.G.D.
Behavior of nickel-titanium instruments manufactured with different thermal treatments
(2015) Journal of Endodontics, 41 (1), pp. 67-71.

Ruddle, C.
Endodontic disinfection: Tsunami irrigation
(2015) Saudi Endodontic Journal, 5 (1), pp. 1-12.

Bonessio, N., Pereira, E.S.J., Lomiento, G., Arias, A., Bahia, M.G.A., Buono, V.T.L., Peters, O.A.
Validated finite element analyses of WaveOne Endodontic Instruments: A comparison between M-Wire and NiTi alloys
(2015) International Endodontic Journal, 48 (5), pp. 441-450.

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Toluidine blue aids in detection of dysplasia and carcinoma in suspicious oral lesions
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The american dental association caries classification system for clinical practice: A report of the american dental association council on scientific affairs
(2015) Journal of the American Dental Association, 146 (2), pp. 79-86.

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Intraoral repair of multiple substrates using silication
(2015) Dentistry Today, 34 (7), .

Ramos-Junior, E.S., Morandini, A.C., Almeida-Da-Silva, C.L.C., Franco, E.J., Potempa, J., Nguyen, K.A., Oliveira, A.C., Zamboni, D.S., Ojcius, D.M., Scharfstein, J., Coutinho-Silva, R.
A Dual Role for P2X7 Receptor during Porphyromonas gingivalis Infection
(2015) Journal of Dental Research, 94 (9), pp. 1233-1242.

Grande, N.M., Ahmed, H.M.A., Cohen, S., Bukiet, F., Plotino, G.
Current assessment of reciprocation in endodontic preparation: A comprehensive review - Part I: Historic perspectives and current applications
(2015) Journal of Endodontics, 41 (11), pp. 1778-1783.

Vera, J., Ochoa-Rivera, J., Vazquez-Carcaño, M., Romero, M., Arias, A., Sleiman, P.
Effect of intracanal cryotherapy on reducing root surface temperature
(2015) Journal of Endodontics, 41 (11), pp. 1884-1887.

van Atteveldt, N., Musacchia, G., Zion-Golumbic, E., Sehatpour, P., Javitt, D.C., Schroeder, C.
Complementary fMRI and EEG evidence for more efficient neural processing of rhythmic vs. unpredictably timed sounds
(2015) Frontiers in Psychology, 6 (OCT), art. no. 1663, .