Student Healthcare & Insurance

Pacific Health Services - San Francisco Campus

Pacific Health Services is located on the 5th floor, Suite 513. Our nurse practitioner (NP) provides primary care services for the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, routine physicals, immunizations, referrals, medication management and women's care.  For more details, see the services page . The NP is available to all students, whether enrolled in the student insurance or a private plan. A health fee of $80 per quarter ($320 per year)  will be assessed to each student account, which waives the office visit co-payment for all students. Further costs are generated from labs, medications, procedures, and immunizations. To see a detailed list of costs, see SF Clinic Price List.

To make an appointment, you can go online at MyHealth@Pacific or call 209.946.2315.

7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Wednesdays: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursdays: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

The office is closed on all holidays and 3 times yearly for department and division retreats.
After hours — Call 209.946.2315 option 4 for the Nurse Advice Line

Student Health Insurance

In an effort to ensure you meet your academic goals, Pacific mandates that you maintain active health insurance. The University provides a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) with Anthem Blue Cross of CA. For the list of the SHIP benefits, see the Anthem Benefits Summary. The SHIP fee is $784.73 per quarter ($3,134 per academic year). Insurance premiums are assessed with tuition and other fees. Coverage is for students only. Dependents are not covered. For options outside of Pacific, look at eHealthInsurance and Covered California. If you're outside of California after graduation, checkout

Visit the UOP Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk site to create an account for a temporary insurance card, FAQ, resources, and links. Please note the benefit changes to the student health insurance plan for 2018-2019:

Vision Coverage

EyeMed Vision Discount Program 2018-2019

The SHIP plan will no longer offer a separate vision plan for academic year 2018-19. Review the EyeMed discount plan details and print a card out before you seek care. To locate a participating provider or ask questions call 1-866-8EYEMED or visit

Dental Coverage

2018-2019 Voluntary Anthem Blue Cross Dental PPO

The Basix Dental Savings Program is included in the SHIP plan. Basix contracts with dentists that agree to charge a reduced fee to students covered under SHIP. You must pay for the services received at the time of service to receive the negotiated rate. Savings vary but can be as high as 50% depending upon the type of service received and the specific contracted dentist providing the service.

To use the program, simply:

  • Make an appointment with a contracted dentist; all the contracted dentists are listed on our website,
  • Make sure the dental office understands that you have access to the Basix program. We list an administrative contact person for each dentist to help clear up any confusion on the spot. We don't issue a separate identification card for the Basix program. The dentist's office may ask for your health plan identification card to make sure you have access to the program. If the office needs to check eligibility, call Gallagher Student at the number on your ID Card.
  • Remember, you must pay for the services you receive at the time of service, so make sure you understand what forms of payment (check, credit card, etc.) the dentist accepts.

2018-2019 Voluntary Anthem Blue Cross Dental PPO

Whether you've waived SHIP or are enrolled and want more dental coverage than the Basix plan offers, you can choose to purchase the Anthem Blue Cross Dental PPO plan for $238.68 per year. Visit the UOP Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk site for more information and to enroll.

Dental Benefits Summary

Health Insurance Waiver

The waiver period is open. Deadline to waive is Friday, July 27, 2018.
Students electing not to participate in this plan will have the option to opt out by providing a waiver and proof of comparable health insurance coverage. Students who complete a waiver application by the waiver deadline date are not guaranteed to be approved and need to check their Pacific e-mail for any denials or follow-up questions. If your waiver is denied or incomplete, you will automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For more information on how to waive the student health insurance, see the insurance waivers page. If you have any questions about student health insurance, please call 209.946.2027. 

Local Urgent Care Clinics and General Hospitals

When selecting care on or off-campus, it is your responsibility to always choose the hospital, pharmacy or lab that is "in-network" for your health plan to reduce costs. Please note this is not an endorsement of any facility.

Urgent Care. All urgent care clinics are currently in-Network for SHIP. Always check to confirm to before making an appointment.

General Hospitals

In-Network for SHIP. Always check to confirm the hospital is in-Network before making an appointment.

Other hospitals (NOT In-Network for SHIP)

Disability Insurance

During the three-year program at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, all students are covered by a group long-term disability income policy. No student is exempt from participating in the disability program. The policy is convertible to an individual non-cancelable, specialty-specific disability income policy for $2,000 per month after completion of dental school.

Long-Term Disability Summary

  • Monthly Benefit: First- and second-year students: $1,500/month; Third-year DDS, IDS, AEGD, Ortho and Endo residents: $2,000/month
  • Integration: Policy will not integrate with CA State disability, Social Security or Workers Compensation.
  • Elimination period: 90 Days
  • Length of coverage: To age 65 whether disabled by sickness or accident. Includes a 2-year protection on "dental student" provision.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Full coverage after 30 days as a dental student.
  • Mental & emotional disabilities: 24-month coverage unless hospitalized
  • Pregnancy: complications covered; normal pregnancy covered after 90 days
  • Loan Pay-off provision: $200,000 maximum
  • Lump Sum: $5,000
  • Survivor Benefit: 6 months net
  • Cost of Living Adj: 3%; 48 month delay
  • Conversion Option: Guaranteed conversion to an individual policy upon graduation of dental school/completion of residency
  • Company: The Guardian
  • Cost: $54.12 per student each year

If you have any questions regarding your disability insurance, please contact Michael Stoltz at 650.533.8040 or email him at

ADA (American Dental Association) Life Insurance

As a student at Dugoni, you have $50,000 in life insurance provided to you at no cost as a benefit of your ADA membership. You are automatically enrolled in this coverage. Life insurance is important during school to take care of your loved ones, should something happen to you, and of course after school it continues to be important to protect your loved ones as your debt and responsibilities increase. It can also be used to help secure practice financing. This ADA group insurance, which you have the option to keep long after graduation, is one of the most valuable benefits of American Dental Association student membership. If you want to opt out of the ADA Life Insurance, please come by Student Services, 4A-19, and we will contact the ADA.

Your free ADA Term Life insurance includes:

  • $50,000 of life insurance
  • $50,000 of accidental death coverage
  • Option to buy more insurance and add your spouse
  • Coverage increases to $100,000 after graduation
  • Premiums fully paid through December 31 of your graduation year
  • Conversion privileges after graduation

You can designate a beneficiary to your policy by completing the Appointment of New Beneficiary form. Turn it in to Janelle Palomares, Student Affairs Coordinator, 4A-19.

Remember that it is important to register your account online to view your coverage details and update your contact information any time it changes. If you do not know your ADA number, please contact Janelle Palomares at For more information, go to ADA Student Member Life Insurance or call 888.463.4545. The insurance is underwritten and administered by Great-West Financial.