Recommendations from RDAEF Graduates & Dentists

What are our graduates saying about the Dugoni School of Dentistry's RDAEF Program? Take a look at some of the recommendations from recent graduates and supervising dentists.

Our Graduates

"The RDAEF program was an amazing experience. The faculty members created a calming and positive environment, while providing challenging lesson plans that prepared us not only for state board testing, but also for our future careers. I'm thriving now as an EF2 and so many opportunities have opened up because of this program."
— Leah Young, RDAEF Class of 2018

"I was an RDA for 18 years and this program has greatly enhanced my career. I learned new skills and gained confidence from the supportive professors at the Dugoni School. Now as an RDAEF, I have a larger role in providing the best care for our patients and the response has been extremely positive from both the patients and dentists in our practice."
Norma Nunez, RDAEF Class of 2016

"I highly recommend the RDAEF Program at Pacific. Dr. Molly Newlon is an incredible teacher and wants all of her students to succeed. The experience has given my career a boost in many ways."
— Mary Jenkins, RDAEF Class of 2013

"The facilities and friendly atmosphere at Pacific made my experience a great one. The course increased my confidence in my techniques and I'm now an even stronger part of the dental team where I work."
— Denny Phan, RDAEF Class of 2013

"Pacific's reputation was convincing enough for me to enroll and I knew I would be guaranteed a top-notch education. The flexible payment plan enabled me to afford my education."
— Leann Miller, RDAEF Class of 2012

"The program director and faculty are motivating, and I enjoy learning in the dental school's state-of-the-art facilities in San Francisco."
— Jill Larkey, RDAEF Class of 2012


"Sending my three assistants to the RDAEF program at the Dugoni School is one of the best decisions I have made. It's more than doubled our production and the quality of work is much higher in our practice as more time is spent with every patient. The feedback from our patients has been excellent and having RDAEFs has made practicing dentistry more enjoyable and less stressful."
Dr. Harry Albers, Santa Rosa, CA

"Having an RDAEF is invaluable because it frees me up to do more of the dentistry that I really enjoy doing. It can enhance your practice and allows you to concentrate on the dental procedures that are more technically difficult. We've had an RDAEF in our practice for a couple of years and could never imagine not having one."
— Dr. Barry Kami, Berkeley, CA

"From a practice management point of view, having an RDAEF has the benefits of employing an associate without giving up my vision of how care is delivered. We have increased production, reduced stress and as a team we have learned to strategize our schedule for maximum efficiency. I believe RDAEFs will become more valuable to the dental professional as they enter the workplace and extend their careers."
— Dr. Jeanette Kern, Monterey, CA

"It was especially nice to be able to send our senior RDA to the Dugoni School of Dentistry for his RDAEF education, which allowed him to greatly expand the scope of his duties. He was impressed by the faculty and the depth of experience he received, and his additional skills are vital to the clinic and have increased our ability to provide additional care to our patients."
— Dr. Michael Aaronson, Marin County Health and Human Services, San Rafael, CA