Curriculum Committee

About the Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee is composed of representatives from each strand of the Helix Curriculum, a faculty member who teaches in the IDS program, student representatives from each DDS and IDS class, and the assistant and associate deans of academic affairs. The associate dean chairs the committee.  

Each year the chair submits  an annual written report to the Dental Faculty Council. The charge to the committee as stated in the faculty handbook is:

  1. overall management of the DDS and IDS curricula 
  2. To receive and review annual reports from content coordinators on status of the content area (sequencing, timing, level of integration, delivery, assessment) and future goals; and to approve major changes as necessary 
  3. To review and approve the set of competencies expected of DDS and IDS students 
  4. To ensure that curricular resources such as time, space, and facilities are suitable and are distributed to maximize student competency 
  5. To develop and implement policies that are consistent and fair and that promote student competency 
  6. To regularly review or cause to review developments in dentistry and related fields and performance of students so that the curriculum anticipates the changing competencies of dentists 
  7. To approve the quarterly academic schedule and advise on the annual academic calendar 
  8. To investigate or cause to be investigated opportunities for innovating and distinctive components of the predoctoral educational program; the AEGD program; the graduate orthodontic, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and endodontics program (the dental hygiene program have separate curriculum committees, but oversight is provided by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs) Each residency program (Advanced Education in General Dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery) and the dental hygiene program have a separate curriculum committees, but oversight is provided by the associate dean for academic affairs.

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