Health and Wellness Committee

Our Mission

As the Health and Wellness Committee, we aim to meet the ever-changing needs and interests of faculty, staff and the campus community by providing quality programs, services and facilities that are comprehensive and inclusive. We create environments and opportunities that foster teamwork, boost collaboration and instill a sense of community. We promote physical fitness, healthy habits and balanced behaviors, improving the overall wellness of participants.

In fulfilling this mission, we support and complement the institution's core values, and make significant contributions to the University's culture of excellence. 

Ongoing Events

Meditaion with Dr. Peltier
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Walks with Dr. Ojcius
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Next scheduled meeting: 
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Committee Members

Bernadette Fa, Chair
Ernesto Lara, Treasurer

Michael Au
Angelique Bannag
Kara Bell
Marco Castellanos
Katherine Falk
Melanie Mai
Stephanie Ortiz