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A/V / Digital Media
As a student, how can I use the AV technology in the San Francisco classrooms?
How can I connect my laptop to the TVs in the 4th floor conference rooms and 5th floor study rooms at the Dental School?
How do I get assistance with audio visual equipment in a classroom in San Francisco?
How do I use the AV equipment at the University Center and on the Stockton and Sacramento campuses?
Where is video conferencing available at Pacific?

What is a digital signature and how can I use one to sign Word documents and Excel spreadsheets?

How can I access my Outlook email, calendar and contacts on my iPhone?
How can I create a Contact Group (formerly a distribution list) in Outlook 2011?
How can I create and manage signature lines for my email in Outlook?
How can I view my Outlook email on my Android phone?
How do I create automated replies in Microsoft Outlook for when I will be out of the office?
I have not been migrated to O365 Exchange Online. How can I access my Outlook email from the web?
What email server do I use use to setup my mobile device for staff and faculty email?
What is the size limitation of each email I send or receive?
When do my emails get archived to the Symantec Enterprise Vault (EVault)?
Why does my Outlook email say I have used the "maximum allowed ten partnerships"?
Why don't I see an email I was sent?

File Sharing
How can Pacific and non-Pacific users, like aspiring students, share files securely?
How do I use Pacific Accellion for sharing files larger than the 15MB email size limit?
What do I use to log in to the Pacific Accellion service?
Who can use the Pacific Accellion secure file sharing service?

General Information
How can I conserve power when using my computer and peripheral devices?
How do I purchase a new computer for my department which is supported by Pacific Technology?

Helpdesk Support
How can I reach the Sacramento Helpdesk? What are the Sacramento Helpdesk hours?
Some departments have their own Technical Support Providers. How can I contact them?
What is the Stockton Help Desk Service Commitment?

IT Discounts
Are there any IT-related discount benefits for employees (staff or faculty) of the University?

IT Policies
IT Policies

Mac OS
How can I do a screen capture of my Apple computer's screen?

Microsoft Office
Where can I get support for Office 365

Microsoft Windows
How can I tell whether my Windows computer is 32 bit or 64 Bit?
How do I add a network shared drive on a Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer?
How do I create a shortcut to a file, folder or program on my Windows Desktop?

Do I have remote access? How can I use remote access?
How do I connect to an STK network shared drive on an Apple computer?
How do I set up Global Protect for remote access on my computer or device?
How do I set up Virtual Private Network (VPN) on my computer or device?
What is a Third Party Access Agreement Form used for, and how can I get one?
Why is my VPN connection so slow?

Online Resources
How can I get access to the Library?

Operating Systems
How can I find my computer's MAC Address?

What is the PacificPrint Service? How can I print on campus?

How can I access password protected documents on the University's web pages?
How do I change my PacificNet password on my laptop, tablet or smart phone?
I am unable to use an encrypted tunnel, Tor services or an anonymity network on the Pacific network. Are these types of services blocked by the firewalls?
What is encryption and why should I use it?

How should I put in a service request for another user?

How do I check a document in or out in SharePoint 2013?
How do I check my alerts on a SharePoint site?
How do I log into a SharePoint site to which I have access?
How do I request a SharePoint site?
How do I view all site content in SharePoint?
What Internet browsers are supported by SharePoint?
What is SharePoint and what is it used for?
Why can't I drag and drop files and folders within SharePoint?
Why do I get an "access denied" message when I go to a SharePoint site?
Why does Sharepoint make me log in twice?

Student Life
Is there a cost for using SLTech services at an event?
Which venues on Stockton campus does SLTech Support for events? When is SLTech event support required?

What is WebFolders and how can I access it?

How can I make a conference call with a Cisco IP Phone?
How do I check the data usage on my cell phone?
How do I check the storage on my Android phone?
How do I find the model of my Android phone?
How do I find the model of my iPhone?

Web Applications
How do I clear the cache on my Internet browser?
What is Procore?

How can guests connect to the Pacific_Guest wireless network?
How can I connect my computer to PacificNet Wireless?
How do I connect my iPhone or iPad to the PacificNet wireless network?
How do I connect my mobile device to the PacificNet wireless network?