Using Other Email Clients

If you want to use a specific email program, you can, as long as it supports the POP3 protocol. Just follow the guidelines below to configure your system.

All email client programs require the same basic setup information, but the interface for each application will vary. Generally, a POP3 client will require the following information:

  • POP3 Server Name/Host Name: The host name is This is the DNS (Domain Name Server) name or IP (Internet Protocol) address of the POP3 server host machine. 
  • User ID: This is your email user name (
  • Password: This is your existing password, which should have already been defined. If not, please contact IT.
  • SMTP Server (outgoing mail): Some systems will ask for the server address or name of the server to be used for outgoing mail. Typically this is the mail server of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you are using. For instance, if your ISP is Mindspring, the outgoing server name might be ""
  • Automatic Email Check Interval: This defines how often your email program checks the mail server for new email. In order to reduce the load on the servers, this should be set to 10 minutes or more.

For more detailed information on configuring your particular email software, refer to its product documentation and help.