Policy Development

The Virtual Dental Home project is demonstrating a new model for creating and maintaining the oral health of vulnerable populations. This model has numerous policy implications. In addition to the demonstration project, the Pacific Center for Special Care is establishing a Policy Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of individuals from diverse professional, governmental and advocacy organizations. The charge of the committee is to consider the policy implications of the Virtual Dental Home model and make recommendations for regulatory, reimbursement, and system reform that will facilitate the model's wider adaptation. In addition the committee will consider strategies and reforms needed to incorporate this model in broader health reform efforts and in initiatives designed to develop comprehensive healthcare homes for vulnerable populations.

Policy Briefs

Virtual Dental Home: Improving the Oral Health of Vulnerable and Underserved Populations

Health Workforce Pilot Project Results

Health Workforce Pilot Project Evaluation and Results 

Academic Publications 

Visualizing the Future of Expanding Access to Care: The Virtual Dental Home