Building Access and Hours

Last revised: March 2020


The University of the Pacific, San Francisco campus, is home to the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in addition to several other graduate level, professional education programs.

The UOP/SF campus is a private, one-building campus located in downtown San Francisco. The University reserves the right to lawfully restrict or prohibit access to our campus property and to prohibit certain individuals from being present on University property at any time at its discretion.

All individuals — visitors and others — present on University property shall conduct themselves in accordance with the law, University policies, and in a manner that maintains a safe environment.

Conduct, including but not limited to, intentional or negligent disruption of the operations of the University, excess noise, threats, harassment, hate speech, physical abuse, intimidation, endangerment to the health or safety of any person or property, or unauthorized entry into, obstruction of, or occupation of any University property is prohibited and shall be deemed a violation of this policy.

If an individual engages in behavior or conduct that is inconsistent with this policy or any other University policy or that is otherwise inconsistent with the best interests of the University, the individual will be asked to refrain from such conduct and may be asked to vacate University property at once. Failure to comply with this request may result in law enforcement being summoned to take appropriate action, including possible arrest and removal for trespassing.


This policy applies to the University of the Pacific, San Francisco Campus faculty, staff, students, patients, contractors, vendors and other persons that require building access during normal building hours. The San Francisco campus at 155 Fifth Street is a high-security building, and appropriate access control applications have been implemented to ensure enforcement of this policy.


Access controls are designed to minimize potential exposure to the University resulting from unauthorized use of resources and to preserve and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the University networks, systems and applications.

Access Control Policy

Access to the San Francisco campus will only be provided to users based on business requirements, job description and responsibilities, or other criteria submitted to the Department of Public Safety. All additions, changes, and deletions to individual system access must be approved by the appropriate department manager or director. Account creation, deletion, and modification is managed by the Department of Public Safety utilizing both the Banner and Blackboard systems.
All faculty, staff, students and visitors (including patients, vendors, and contractors) must wear a noticeable form of University of the Pacific identification at all times inside the building.

Visitor Policy
General Visitors
  • Guests of employees and students must be pre-registered using the Public Safety visitor registration form ( prior to their arrival.
  • All guests shall check in with the Public Safety Officer at the Fifth Street Faculty, Staff, and Student entrance to receive a visitor badge and be received by the person being visited.
  • All visitors must remain with the person(s) they are visiting while inside the building. Visitors cannot participate in any campus functions unless invited.
  • Visitors shall not remain unattended in the Clinics, Classrooms, or Labs.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use study rooms or spaces which are reserved for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Unattended persons under 18 shall not be allowed to enter the Clinics, Classrooms, or Labs at all times.
Children in the Workplace and the UOP/San Francisco Campus

Due to liability issues, safety concerns and the potential disruption of campus operations, the following guidelines are provided for the protection of children visiting the workplace and the Campus Community (including faculty, staff, students and children):

  • During regular campus hours, a Campus Community member’s child, or children under their supervision, shall not be present in any work area other than for brief visits.
  • Other than scheduled dental appointments, a Campus Community member’s child, or children under their supervision, shall not be present for any reason in clinical areas or other areas where infection control or other risks are high, including the Sim lab.
  • A Campus Community member’s child, or children under their supervision, shall not be left alone in offices, break rooms, or any other area of the building at any time.

Patients shall use the kiosks to check in for their appointments. If the patient does not have an appointment and needs to conduct other business in the building, they will need to be verified by the 1st floor Clinic reception desk that they are a patient of record and then obtain the proper ID badge from Public Safety.

Vendors and Contractors

All vendors and contractors shall check in with the Department of Public Safety in Room 130. Upon check-in, the party with whom the contractor has come to meet will be contacted and a "Contractor Badge" will be issued, along with an access control badge allowing contractors into the specific area in which they are assigned to work.


All deliveries will be made to the Mailroom or Loading Dock only. Under no circumstances shall a delivery person be allowed access to any other area without being escorted by a Public Safety Officer.


On an annual basis, the Department of Public Safety will review all user and administrative access controls.  Discrepancies in access will be reported to the appropriate department manager or director in the responsible unit, and remediated accordingly.

Physical Building Access

The Faculty, Staff, and Student entrance will be accessible by University ID badge during the building hours listed below.
Patients shall only use the clinic entrance at the corner of 5th Street and Minna.

All faculty, staff, and students may utilize the clinic entrance for entry to and exit from the building while displaying a valid University ID badge

Regular Building Hours
  • Monday thru Friday 6:30 am – 11:00 pm
  • Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays 6:30 am – 9:00 pm
Disabled Person Parking Access

There are three parking spaces in the garage that are available for patients with disabled person placards or license plates only and may be reserved by the attending doctor on a space-available basis through the Department of Public Safety. Patient vehicles using these spaces must display the disabled person placard in the windshield or have disabled person license plates, or access may not be granted. 

Garage Access

The garage ramps are for vehicular traffic ONLY. Pedestrian access to the garage ramps is PROHIBITED except in cases in which it has been approved by the Department of Public Safety.

Safety Notes

These school hours have been established to provide the safest possible conditions for the majority of persons using the facility. During non-building hours, the population of the building is significantly reduced and Public Safety Officers on patrol in the building concentrate on areas where people are working

If you are working in an isolated area, for your safety and security, please contact the Public Safety Dispatch at x56456 so that you can be included in the patrol pattern.

If you require building access outside of regular building hours, please contact Public Safety Dispatch at x56456.

To contact Public Safety from any outside line, please call 415.929.6456.