Dugoni Peer Support Program

Dugoni School Peer Support Program

The Dugoni Peer Support Program (PSP) is a new program created in honor of Zane Templin in order to create a safe and confidential space where students can communicate with their peers, alumni and staff about their mental health. The program is for students including those who had a crummy day to those who are in a seriously intense time in their lives and need peer or even professional guidance.

Peer supporters are volunteers who have failed the same biochem tests, endured the same grueling practical's and experienced similar difficult days in clinic who are ready to listen and be compassionate without judgment. Beyond that, all supporters have completed afterschool training sessions with Dr. Peltier, the dental school's psychologist, on how to be an effective listener and protocols one should take in a crisis situation.

This program addresses our University competency (27), Self Care. PSP is here to promote the value of humanism and provide the support essential for all of us to thrive as healthcare professionals and individuals both in school and after we graduate.

If you are interested in meeting with a supporter or becoming one please email dugonipsp@gmail.com or directly contact the peer supporter of your choice using the document posted here (PDF).